Cbd Affiliate Agreement

With a team of world-class mixologists, chemists and taste specialists, Savage CBD is one of the industry`s leading brands and offers a wide variety of CBD products, including CBD rubbers, CBD dyes and of course their delicious CBD E-Liquids. As they offer up to 35% commission rates and attractive pricing options for buyers, Savage CBD is one of the best CBD affiliate programs you can join and will definitely create a ton of revenue potential! — We give all of our related companies access to our third-party tracking software through Shareasale. This way, you can track your sales at any time and check your commissions. We require all our partners to comply with all applicable statutes, regulations and guidelines established by the federal government through the Federal Trade Commission as well as by national and local governments. The Federal Trade Commission requires that affiliate relationships, such as the relationship between you and the company, be disclosed to consumers. I hope this will help you and wish you good luck in your affiliate marketing! As an affiliate of Pure Canna Organics, you will be compensated for 30% of every dollar for every total sale that occurs if a sale is made via your registered affiliate link and tracked. Visitors MUST be unique and the link MUST be used. Thanks to unique links, this applies to current and existing visitors to Canna Organics and customers who purchased or visited CBD Oil Solutions during the cookie period. The current Pure Canna Organics affiliate program cookie is valid for 180 days and offers 180 sales commission days each time your unique affiliate link is clicked by a single user. Finally, Charlotte`s Web is a partnership with Skimlinks, which helps you automatically monetize your editorial content with affiliated product links. This is a great option for major content publishers, as they can also generate affiliate links for Charlotte`s web content. For the Charlotte`s Web team, this network has some limitations in our ability to work directly with you.