Political Agreement Between Ghani And Abdullah

The agreement also places a controversial former vice-president, accused of human rights violations, in a high-level military position. The president`s spokesman, Sediq Sediqqi, tweeted a photo of Ghani and Abdullah signing the agreement on May 17 in Kabul. To meet the expectations of the Afghan people, to support the defence and security forces, to respect the ongoing and useful efforts of national figures and the international community to resolve the political crisis resulting from the elections in the country, to find a solution to end political clashes and to respect the differences of opinion of the country`s political leaders in this regard. Recognising that the continuation of the current political situation is not in the interest of the afghan country and people and that the impasse must be resolved, it was agreed on the following issues: New Delhi, which has close relations with Abdullah, recognized the Ghani government in Kabul and pledged its full support. New Delhi has protected Abdullah`s immediate family in India under your help and medical help. It is in addition to the $3 billion that it has promised to help rebuild Afghanistan. In a well-established democracy, an electoral loss serves as an invitation to review political ideas and strengthen party networks in order to achieve a better result in the next elections. In Afghanistan, the presidency has enormous powers of national appointment up to the district level, few controls of Parliament or the courts and is considered a „win-all” position. That is why a post-election political agreement has become a means of ensuring a reasonably inclusive government that gives some power to the losers before the next election. The agreement ends a political crisis that casts a great shadow over efforts to end the country`s long war with the Taliban. The stalemate complicated Afghan negotiations with the insurgents after the United States agreed with the Taliban on a gradual withdrawal of troops. On the basis of this agreement, the High Council of Government is established to ensure political consensus in the country. Politicians and national figures will be members.

The members of the Council are chosen by the Director in consultation with the President, political leaders, people on both sides, parliament`s spokespersons and civil society and elites in accordance with the agreement. General Dostum, a strongman who has been an advocate for Afghanistan`s Ethnic Uzbek minority in four decades of wars and politics, has been the subject of open legal proceedings against him. The case focuses on charges made in 2016 by Ahmad Ishchi, a political rival, who said General Dostum abducted, tortured and ordered his rape while he was vice president in a crowded sports arena.