Sprint Transfer Lease Agreement

I`m a bot, and this action was done automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. The transfer of responsibility must be sprint.com/changeofownership if there are leases open on the line or lines that are deferred. If this is done via RMS, the fee will be accelerated. Then…. I`ve got my bill! The lease has not been transferred, I am charged 800 dollars! Then… I called yesterday to try to fix this and was told that I had to wear my number because of the error back to Sprint and then back to ATT. ATT assured me that if we did, we would be overwhelmed on the CAW side. I have the same problem, unless I am transferred from one person to another. An hour and a half on the phone and everything I received was frustrated… It sounds like such a simple task, but it clearly isn`t.

I even showed the representative to this contribution, she refused to look at it and insisted that it is not possible…. I`m disgusted… I hope you get help because they won`t help me… The next day I tried with AGAIN and I had a better representative at the time. She told me to close the phone line and they could do the flip-flop. That is what I did. Once the Flip was over, I called AGAIN (4th time for the same problem). She couldn`t do it because the phone had been carried over it (always really frustrated at that place). After asking to speak to a superior and wait 30 minutes, she thought about how to do it and assured me that the lease and phone would be transmitted.

The good news is that the right phone was working and I thought everything was fine. The people you talked to didn`t get it wrong. Looks like whoever did the TOL didn`t complete the rental transfers. Call Care and explain it. You may need to talk to a superior because it is a complex problem. „You have decided to pay the balance for this 24-month lease or sprint contract. Please confirm by clicking on the „I agree” button below. Note: The modification of the property and the transfer of the contract are not concluded, unless NAME OF NEW OWNER also excludes the online change form.

The people you spoke to were wrong. Our company recommends that no transfer of responsibility be made with open leases, as it generally speeds up fees. You should be able to contact customer service and have it repaired. After years of arguing with Sprint over my ever-increasing bills for no reason, I decided to change the carriers. Before doing anything, I called sprint and asked if I had any other contract than to pay the phones on my plan. I was told I had to pay for the rest of the phones. Long history, two of the members of my family plan are divorced. The woman has an active lease with about 20 Moss remaining. Today she opened a new Sprint account over the phone and received instructions for the change of ownership she wrote to me (the account owner). The employee she spoke with told her that if we did everything within 24 hours, the lease would be transferred to her new account.