Winter training in Italy – Adria Karting Raceway and Jesolo Pista Azzurra

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The 2019 karting season is over, but this is not the time to rest. It’s time to
start training for the new season in the higher JUNIOR category. Maksymilian
Obst begins another racing adventure under the wings of the JR Racing team.
The first training on a large chassis took place in autumn in Poland and the next
one in December 2019 in Italian Adria. Although in theory the weather should be
better than in Poland, there was a surprise and during a few days of training it
was very varied – snowfall included. However, the slippery track is ideal for
gaining experience in driving and mastering a go-kart, so the trainings were very

The next trainings took place in January in Jesolo, where Maks was able to gain
experience on dry track and in sunny weather. He finished the trainings very
pleased with himself, especially that during them he raced with Italian drivers
who drive in higher categories and he did not give way.